Fostering physical and mental wellness through caring for animals.

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Some of you may remember us as Black Forest Animal Sanctuary. In 2019 we changed our name as we wanted to extend our reach, we feel we offer something special. Coincidentally, the family that owned the land also moved in 2019 to FL which resulted in the rescue losing the sanctuary as it was private property.

Fast forward through 2020 because we all did!! It's almost like it didn't exist for forward momentum of our vision. Now here we are again in 2021, revving up for our Give! fundraising and we think this is the perfect time to introduce our goal. It's a lofty goal and we know it won't be easy but we know the support is there!! Here it goes! There are approximately 5.7 million people in Colorado, 331 million in the United States and 7.9 billion worldwide. We are looking for 10,000 donations of $100 each to purchase the land and start on the dog kennel building!

This can be a combined $100 given by multiple people or $100 by a single person. We will be counting down on our Facebook and websites. Why is Give! The perfect time to start this you ask?? Businesses provide rewards at specific donation levels, which is a bonus for you!!! We also match our donated grants so that we are invited back to the Give! opportunity year after year. Please see our Sanctuary vision click here for more information. Currently searching for an architect able to draw up our future plans for visual. More information coming on the Sanctuary Vision!!!