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​What do we need to set up a meet and greet? Just an adoption application that you can link to right here, ADOPTION APPLICATION HERE. An adoption volunteer will look it over to determine who you qualify for and what we need to get you qualified.

Once you meet the puppy or adult that you want to join your family, we will ask you to put a $100 non refundable hold deposit. This holds your puppy/dog while we get you approved. We will require 2 non relative nor cohabitating references that can speak to your dog experience, proof of home ownership or a landlord letter with any exclusions and a physical home visit looking for safety issues and discussion of any advance questions. We get personal because we want the very best for these survivors and we're sure that you do too. You may not qualify for all dogs or any dogs. Please speak to a PNH volunteer if you aren’t sure if you will qualify. 719-500-1880

Once you are approved, we get you set up with your adoption date. Our adoptions are held at Petsmart in Monument at 9AM on Saturday mornings. This one is just for the hoomans. We meet in the training room and go through the adoption agreement, this is legally binding so you will want to pay attention and ask questions. We then finalize you as the adopter in our Petstablished system which gives you access to all records, coupons and literature. We ask for the additional $350 or $400 depending on the age of your dog. Under 1 year is a $500 adoption fee, over one year is $450, the deposit is included in this. Then you go get your puppy from the fosters home (this is planned in advance).

After adoption you are required to attend obedience classes with your new puppy at a facility that provides positive only reward based training at your expense with completion in the first 3 months. This is at your expense but.......we refund $100 when you send the certificate of completion!!! ( if you believe fear or force based training methods are the way to go, we are not the right fit for you and will not approve an adoption) shock collars including underground fencing, prong collars, leash whips, etc are all very counter intuitive when asking your new best friend to be the goodest boy or girl possible. Ask me how you can learn more about positive only training.

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