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Dog on a hike

Mission Statement

I've always loved animals and I've always wanted to help people. While my passion for both has always ebbed and flowed as my life has changed, it seems that I've always been striving for something bigger than just donating to the needy and helping animals find new homes. The evolution of this has been a journey which was unexpected yet seemingly came together flawlessly as a vision. My love for animals is public, in fact it is sometimes in your face, out loud and can not be mistaken for anything but passionate. My love for holistic healing through mental practices, holistic foods and bringing a healing energy have not been very public nor as driven as my rescue work. 

When you meet like minded people that had their own big dreams, enormous things can happen. We, as a team, have now put our focus on creating something that will bring our passions together to serve not only this community but a hope for other communities to see what is possible.

Both animals and a holistic existence have always been healing and they are both known for their healing effects. Our vision is to bring a sanctuary for animals along with a safe place to learn how the innocence and unpredictability of animals to engage, combined with a healing energetic and holistic stay will leave a lasting impression on those with mental health struggles. This is for all people, those that are aware of their mental health struggles and those that would like to simply elevate their existence. 

This journey is so big that sometimes we find it difficult to wrap our own heads around what it is we're trying to create, yet something says we have to keep pushing even when it seems impossible. The journey of learning and elevating ourselves is endless and I'm hoping our community sees the value in this vision. We find it difficult to put this into words but we are excited to share with anyone that wants to listen.

Meet The Team
Sanctuary Vision
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