Frequently Asked Questions

I want to Adopt where do I start?

You can view photos and read about all of our available Paws N Hooves by visiting our Website, Petfinder and Facebook Paws N Hooves Colorado.

How do I meet one of your Puppy/ Dogs?

When you see a Puppy/ Dog that captures your heart, the next step would be to fill out and submit one of our adoption application. We will require a $10 donation before processing your applications. Click Here for the Application Process. A volunteer will call you and determine if we can pre-qualify you. After that, you will be invited to contact the foster homes and set up a meet and greet.

I have met the Puppy/ Dog of my dreams and I'm ready to adopt, what's next?

Once you have met the puppy/ dog you would like to adopt, we will ask for a $100 non refundable deposit while we fully process your application. We will call your references, call your vet (if you have one) a physical home visit will be performed, we will ask for proof of home ownership or landlord letter and we will do a background check. Once all of this is completed, we will schedule your adoption. All adoptions are done at 9AM on Saturday mornings at Petsmart or Wag N Wash Monument, CO. You will schedule with the foster to pick up your dog/puppy after the adoption. We will go through our adoption agreement, assign you as adopter and transfer the microchip.

How much are Adoption Fee's?

Puppies are $500 under 1 year Dogs are $450 over 1 year This will include spay/neuter, required before adoption, age appropriate vaccinations, microchip, 30 days free pet insurance and local coupons. We do require obedience or behavior training for every adopted dog within 3 months of adoption. This must be positive, reward based training. When this has been successfully completed, we will REFUND $100.

Why do you use fosters and what do I need to do?

First things first, fostering is very literally saving a life!!! We, in many cases, pull animals from over crowded shelters who would be euthanized without a committed foster home. Fostering a rescue dog in a home rather than a facility not only helps us understand what work we need to do to help the foster dog become adoptable, it also gives them a sense of belonging to a family. We ask our foster homes to keep the new animal separated from current animals with provided gates and pens. This is for the 14 day health quarantine and keeps everyone safe while proper introductions and safe integration is accomplished. The foster family always has first option to adopt and will be asked to make that decision after the 14 day health and behavior hold. We will provide all physical needs while the foster animals are in your care. You will be asked to transport them to vet visits and adoption events. You will also be asked to provide adorable photos, great bios and work with our trainers all to get them adoptable and ready for the rest of their amazing new lives!!!

What happens if I'm going on vacation or something happens and I can no longer foster?

We do ask that you commit to the animal/s you are fostering until they are adopted. While this could be anywhere from 2 weeks up to 1 year for the very hard to adopt, your contribution of photos, bios, training and attending events will go a long way in helping the process. The sooner they move into their forever homes, the less disruptive it is to their psyche. We prefer they don't get too comfortable in their foster homes as it creates other behavior problems in the next home and increases the risk they will be returned. Please give us 2 weeks notice before a vacation as finding a temporary foster is not an easy task. Many times the foster animals will need to go to a boarding facility. Please understand that we don't love that option either but without a facility, we are very limited. We ask the same thing when you are no longer able to foster, give us at least 2 weeks notice to find a new foster. These dogs also may need to go into a boarding facility indefinitely. It is much harder for a dog to be fostered or adopted once in boarding as there is limited information we can gain.